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Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Joni, I live in Iowa and I absolutely LOVE everything about scrapbooking! I love the idea of preserving memories and capturing family traditions and stories to hand down from one generation to the next! Life is so fragile and precious and much too short not to document our memories and preserve our legacies for the next generation!

I havenít met a person yet who didnít love revisiting memories and special moments by paging through a scrapbook loaded with photos and re-reading all about the stories behind the photos. As a Grandma of 5, I am totally and completely obsessed with documenting everything about each one of these precious little lives, as well as my own journey as a Grandma. Iíll give each one of my grandkids albums that begin with me journaling to them before they were born, our first trips to the zoo, trips to the lake, the crazy things they make and play with, that first t-ball or soccer game, their first days of school, and cover as many years as I get to be on this earth! And along with all the pictures, Iíll be journaling and telling them all the stories behind the photos, as well as documenting all those CRAZY things they say that I know weíll be laughing about for years.

I also want to help my kids remember their own childhoods as well Ė youíre never too old to want to hear all about what you were like when you were young and the crazy things you said and did. I think itís also SO important to help our kids remember their grandparents as well. I lost both of my parents too young and I really loved doing their memorial albums and felt it was part of the healing process for me, my siblings and all our kids. As a Grandma, I know how important it is that our kids never forget how much their grandparents loved them!

But, itís not just kids and grandkids that I feel drawn to preserve and document in scrapbook albums though Ė itís also all about the family pets, the friends that have truly made the difference in our lives, the vacations, the sporting events, and special outings Ė itís all worth scrappiní and remembering!

Whether you have one special photo you want to showcase and display on a wall or several hundred photos you want to have incorporated into an album, The Memory Builders has the perfect solution for you! I have many premade pages and albums, in a wide variety of themes, that come completely assembled and all you have to do is attach your own photos. I also specialize in custom work, where you give me the photos and Iíll customize everything in the page or album around the photos and the stories behind the photos. I also have many other products as well, including wooden alphabet letters, college team wall art and many scrapbook picture frames. If you donít see what you have in mind on my website, just give me a call Ė Iím sure I can create exactly what you want!

My clients tell the real story and flatter me by coming back again and again to order from me. I take a great deal of pride in my work and am told over and over that my attention to detail and my passion for preserving memories and ďgetting it rightĒ sets me apart from the competition. Call, email, or Facebook me today and letís get started on your ideas and projects!

I specialize in scrapbooking & one-of-a-kind gifts. Call me today at 515-238-8924!