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1. How long will it take for you to complete my album?
Typically, a 40 page album will take approximately 6 weeks to complete. If you have a particular deadline, please let me know and I'll do everything I can to work with you to complete your project by that time. (However, a rush project may incur an extra charge.)

2. How do we start the process?
To begin with, you can complete the "Contact Me" form and let me know you'd like a consultation. We can complete your initial consultation over the phone, over email, or if you happen to live within 60 miles or so of Des Moines or Okoboji, Iowa, I'd be happy to meet with you in person. It is not required that we meet in person and we can certainly communicate effectively over the phone and through email. We'll determine what your goal is and the best way to meet that goal. I'll ask some simple questions that will help us determine the best course to take. All consultations, whether in person or otherwise, are complementary and require no commitment from you.

3. How do I get my photos and memorabilia to you?
When we have our initial consultation, we can discuss the various methods for you to get your photos and memorabilia to me. If you live close, we can arrange for me to pick these items up in person. If you don't live close or it's not convenient for us to meet in person, you can simply mail me these items. If you have digital photos, you can email them to me or send them to me on a CD. I highly recommend that you keep the original photos or memorabilia and provide me with copies as I will be using the actual photos and memorabilia that you provide to me. There will be an additional charge if I will be making the copies of the pictures myself from a CD.

4. Why do the layouts and albums cost so much?
If you haven't spent a lot of time shopping for scrapbook supplies or actually scrapbooking, the cost of albums and pages can seem quite high. However, scrapbooking supplies can be quite expensive and I prefer to use quality paper, embellishments and other materials. I also take a great deal of pride in creating albums and pages that you will cherish and find value in passing down from generation to generation and these pages take time to put together just right.

5. Can I see some of the pages before the album is complete?
Absolutely! I will be in contact with you during the process of creating your album. Unless you want to be completely surprised by the finished product, I'll want to have you review a few pages here and there to be sure I'm on the right track with the look and feel you hoped to convey. It is my true desire to provide you with a finished product that you are absolutely thrilled with. If a layout doesn't match up with what you had in mind or if you are unhappy with any aspect of what I am creating, please let me know immediately so I can make the necessary changes and adjustments.

6. How many photos fit on a page?
This can vary depending on how you feel about cropping some pictures and if you might have some pages that you specifically want to showcase a particular larger photo. We'll discuss any particular photos you want to showcase and discuss how you feel about cropping some other photos. Typically, a 12x12 page might contain 3-6 photos; again, depending on how you feel about cropping photos.

7. What about journaling?
There are a variety of options when it comes to journaling your story in your album and we can use one or all within a particular album:

  • You can send me journaling in your own handwriting, tell me which pictures it applies to, and I'll use it just as you give it to me.
  • I can include the journaling in the most appropriate font, size, format and color to coordinate with everything else I create on that particular page.
  • I can also provide various blank journal tags or blocks for you to fill in later on your own. If you elect this option, I'll provide you with an acid-free pen for you to complete your journaling. You can view some sample journaling blocks in my pre-made layout pages. You will need to give me some indication of the size of journaling block you'll need, depending on the amount of text to journal.

8. What does archival quality mean and why is it important?
In order for your albums to last for generations to come, all materials in a scrapbook album should be acid-free and lignin-free. Acid is used to pull apart the wood fibers when manufacturing paper. If acid remains in the finished paper product, your pictures will begin to disintegrate. Lignin is what holds wood fibers together in a tree and is also found in some paper (mainly in newspaper). Newspaper turns yellow due to the high lignin content. Products labeled "acid-free", "photo-safe" or "archival-quality" have been tested by their manufacturers to ensure the products are safe for scrapbooks. Their products should not fade or discolor, nor should they alter or harm your pictures in any way. At The Memory Builders, all materials used are specifically labeled "acid-free", "photo-safe" or "archival-quality". Every item we use to assemble your scrapbook, from the paper and stickers to the adhesive and pens, is safe for your photos.

9. Do you have a contract?
Yes, I do have a contract that I require to be signed prior to me beginning the work on your album.

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